It's a Mario Party!

This weekend was my grand-daughter's (aka buggy) 5th birthday! Did she want ponies or princesses or even Dora the Explorer??? No. She wanted Super Mario and all the man eating plants and killer mushrooms that come along with him.

Of course I myself am a closet Mario fan. I remember buying my kids the original Nintendo system when it came only to find myself alone ... in the dark .... at 1am ... obsessed with making past Bowser and onto that flag pole!

So I couldn't resist ... Jen and I stole an idea from a google image search and decided to make Mario cupcakes!

I was afraid they might be really difficult but they ended up being much easier (and more fun) than I ever expected. We used regular icing for the light blue (since it tastes so good mmmm) and fondant for the actual characters. It was all done free-hand except for the stars; we did use a cookie cutter for those. We also discovered a super-cool icing marker for the classic mario-character eyes!

Buggy loved 'em! I think everyone else did too .... what do you think?

Plus Poppy dressed up like Mario himself!


Anonymous said...

Love the cupcakes!! They were quite yummy ....