Egg time again!

This past weekend we painted our eggs getting ready for the Easter Bunny. I tried a new type of dye that made golden eggs .... well at least metallic eggs. We also used PAAS Color Snaps.

Buggy had fun with both - I'm sure she could have painted at least 4 more dozen eggs on her own.

But this was just the beginning ... we also made some adorable Easter Cookies.

I found some cute duck, rabbit, and tulip cutters at Michael's. Buggy heard us call the flowers "tulips" and she knew they were flowers but got all confused and called them Tunias!
We used basic sugar cookie dough and iced them up. I found that the secret to smooth icing is corn syrup! Worked great. The finishing touch was polka-dot candies on top! Martha would be proud. But, I still have an omg cute easter dress to finish for the Bug .... no sleep for the crafty!


The Bee said...

The pink tulips with blue dots are hands=down my favorites :)