Cool Mountain Bike

I was browsing blog links earlier today, you can really get lost, and came across a blog by bikesnobnyc. Intriguing name. This put me in mind of a recent purchase by my DH. About a month ago the weather starting getting warmer and I thought it would be great if we had bikes so that we could take Buggy riding on the nearby bike trail. I know I can keep up with her, she still has training wheels! This required the purchase of one bicycle for my husband. He cruised the internet and found one that could be delivered right to our neighborhood store. Well my idea was walk in to the nearest Wal-Mart and buy one off the floor, head for the bike trail along with a box of snacks and a bottle of water. Off we went to the store with two bikes loaded and ready. Browsed the bike section (lots of bikes all put together) for 45 minutes. I met my husband at the end of the row and asked if he had chosen one, which he had not. Says I, "there's a red one over there, wheels, peddles, kick stand, looks perfect". DH "Well, mmhhmmm, I think I want the mountain bike I saw online". Incredulous I said "it's a bike, it has wheels, are you suddenly planning on biking in the mountains?" He said he would go look again. He came back to the end of the row empty handed. He was standing firm on the cool, mountain bike (The word cool is my addition). We went home and unloaded the bikes.
A week later the 'cool, mountain bike' arrived. It too is red (Major eye rolling). Well, that weekend it rained. Fast forward to this past weekend. Buggy and I are ready with snacks and water. DH is in the garage preparing the bikes. I was in the house tying my shoes when I heard an explosion coming from the garage!! Sounded like a gunshot! I ran and threw open the door. There was my husband standing next to his 'cool, mountain bike' looking up at me. "What was that" I squealed. "I was putting a little air in my tires and the inner tube blew out" I closed the door without a single word. I did have to take a nap later due to weakness from laughing! Going on a month now since I had that nice idea about a family bike outing. Maybe we should try bowling instead.