Rockin' For A Reason

What a really fun day! Yesterday we held the 2nd Annual Rockin For A Reason Charity Festival. It was held at Trent Hill Farm in Lothian, MD which is just south of Annapolis. The event was held to benefit We Care & Friends, a local charitable organization. The weather was perfect, food was great and the beer was flowing. We had a silent auction with some amazing items. There was live music all day with six different bands playing. We had Mama Jama, Talk Is Cheap, Clones Of Funk, Mike McHenry's Tribe, Dean Rosenthal, Riverside. The Farm is a beautiful spot to be on a nice day!



Lots of the clothes I make and sell on my Etsy site are appliqued. I'm loving the appliques with frayed edges right now, great look. So, a friend of mine is the Grand Poobah of a kids' lacrosse league and they had a big tournament weekend recently. Normally at these tournaments, whatever the sport, they have vendors selling....stuff your kids think they need. My friend asked if I could come up with something I could make and sell for the girls as she had a vendor selling boys things. Two hours later I was immersed in lacrosse. A simple idea formed and away we go. I sold T-shirts and flip flops, everything sold fairly well and the weather and the people were great. It was a good weekend. My very favorite idea though was a t-shirt I made for the little ones, size 2-4. The appliques are made of fabric with the frayed edges and on the sizes 8 (kids) and up to XL (adults) I simply put LAX but on the little ones I spelled out Lil Stix. Too cute and you know I sold all of those. I did get a picture of one little cutie pie wearing his shirt.


Giveaway Winner!

Sorry I'm late announcing the winner....better late than never right? Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of the $10. gift certificate to Buggys.etsy is.....imagine a drum roll here....Dee! Congratulations Dee, send me an email address and I will send your gift card right along to you. Thanks for all the great comments, don't stop them coming!


Our Patriots!

I just listed these two cuties on Buggys.etsy.com and they are so adorable I just had to share! One for the boys and one for the girls. They are both perfect for the 4th of July Holiday and the rest of the summer as well. I am too practical (frugal?) to go for those one time wear clothes, especially with kids...they grow out of everything quickly enough! Order now and there is plenty of time to get your orders before the 4th.

Did you hear that??

The Bug has a new toothbrush and she couldn't be more impressed with it. Anything to make her enjoy a chore like brushing her teeth or taking a bath works for me.

In the past its been flavored toothpaste (which I have to say I think is disgusting - call me crazy but there is just something about the taste of minty toothpaste that says "clean" to me and the bubblegum flavor just isn't cutting it). This time however the "coolness factor" is something she and I can both agree on. Her toothbrush plays music ... I know, I know, that doesn't sound very exciting or original to you but it's even cooler than that. You can't actually hear the music unless you are brushing your teeth. Its the contact btween the bristles and your teeth that allows your inner ear to hear the music. It's a little bit freaky and feels a bit strange but still - very cool! What song does her play?? "We Will Rock You" by Queen (a bit odd for a child's toothbrush but she LOVES it)



A giant thanks to Donna over at DZFantasy! Donna featured my Etsy shop on her wonderful blog yesterday. Please stop by and take a look. She is a very talented lady, you will surely enjoy the visit.


Littlest Grads!

My little Buggy girl graduated pre-k last week. Can't believe how cute the graduation ceremony was. Those teachers have some kind of patience, I think they're Saints! There were 2 graduating classes together...so 30 kids. Sounded like I was in a stadium during playoffs! All of the kids were at the front of the church, in chairs, and if you stood back a little it looked like an anthill! Constant motion. Little construction paper caps, with tassles of course.
You can see in this picture how very happy and proud she was to be sitting quietly, the little angel. What I didn't catch on film was Buggy and the boy behind her trading smacks! However, when the 'quiet' portion was concluded and cookie time came, she was all smiles. Posing with her wonderful teacher, so sad to leave her.