Did you hear that??

The Bug has a new toothbrush and she couldn't be more impressed with it. Anything to make her enjoy a chore like brushing her teeth or taking a bath works for me.

In the past its been flavored toothpaste (which I have to say I think is disgusting - call me crazy but there is just something about the taste of minty toothpaste that says "clean" to me and the bubblegum flavor just isn't cutting it). This time however the "coolness factor" is something she and I can both agree on. Her toothbrush plays music ... I know, I know, that doesn't sound very exciting or original to you but it's even cooler than that. You can't actually hear the music unless you are brushing your teeth. Its the contact btween the bristles and your teeth that allows your inner ear to hear the music. It's a little bit freaky and feels a bit strange but still - very cool! What song does her play?? "We Will Rock You" by Queen (a bit odd for a child's toothbrush but she LOVES it)


The Bee said...

That's awesome! Would it be weird if I (as an adult) used one of those?