AGift for Mother's Day or Any Day

I know, what a great idea, right? A handmade, one of a kind handbag for that precious Mother in your life. No, not the @$#& Mother! Stop that. The angel who carried and coddled you. The one who has fed and comforted you all your life. For some of you it may be your wife as well. Frankly, I've been known to buy myself a Mother's Day gift. What? I'm not worth it? A shameless plug? Yep, but these bags really are one of a kind and they are truly beautiful AND functional. You'll be happy and so will your Mom.

If you let me know it's a gift, I'll even gift wrap for you. Full service! So go, hurry, upper left corner over there, click "Shop Buggys"  or click here and browse. Couple of clicks with Paypal and the bag will be on its way. Keep checking back to see what's new, I'm sewing as we speak!


All About The Comfort

 I saw this bike the other day and I kind of love it. We like to go for bike rides with the Buggy girl sometimes. She is only just off of the training wheels so I can still keep up with her. I have an old bike now but it's seen better days so I'm kind of looking around. This bike is from the Comfort Line, yes! Ok, that's me, I'm all about the comfort.

I would need to make a couple of modifications to this one to totally love it. First thing is the seat. This is a nice seat but my ass is not a size 4 anymore (throat clearing). So I'm thinking a wider one would make me happy. I'm not trying to be tortured, have you seen some of these bike seats of the misery variety? Do you never want to walk again?

The second item would be the gears. I don't have a need for gears. I wouldn't ever change to a different gear, no need. I don't do hills. I will avoid hills at all cost. I plan my route accordingly. The fact is I am a smoker, oh my God I can't believe I just said that. My dirty secret is out of the bag. Don't hate please. Smokers are not known for stretching themselves to physical limits. Vacuuming is about as far as it goes. So, strip the gears.

Last but, possibly most important, is a basket. A must have. I never travel lightly, anywhere, anytime, ask my husband. I need to have my mug full of iced tea and backup depending on the length of the trip. Perhaps a snack and of course my cigarettes because what would an outdoor excursion be without those things? Admittedly this is a dorky look. But I think we have determined that I am beyond worrying about looking dorky or old. I do wear my reading glasses on a chain around my neck. My family hates that but it makes me happy.

The only negative here is the price of my dream bike. For this plain, retro, old style bike? $499.00. Yes, astonishing, I know. Maybe I should cruise the flea markets for a circa 1955 Schwinn and do a pretty paint job on it. If anyone reads this post and would like me to do a review on this bike, I'm completely available. Just saying.


My Cyber Cafe

Yesterday two of our kids came by to visit. One of them I knew was coming by at some point because she wanted me to trim her hair. She had tried to come by the day before but I was out which, I think, annoyed her a bit. So, anyway, around noon the oldest called to see if we would be around as she was on her way home from DC and thought she would pop in. This all came to fruition around 4:00.

In comes the first born, Christina, with her tote bag on her shoulder. "Hi mom, what's for dinner, can we make dinner now, I'm starving?" She is sitting at the kitchen island now setting up her laptop as I start gathering some quick food to prevent my child from perishing. Christina says, "I need to get my resume together so I thought I would work on it here so you can help." Meanwhile I am running food choices by her because, as you know, I don't really cook. We are chicken nugget/fries people and my oldest daughter is a food snob. I don't know where she came from. I got the food into pots and pans and into the oven. Timer set.

My husband is at the kitchen table working on his laptop in front of him and another in the chair next to him transferring all of his music from one to another while watching a basketball game on tv. I snagged one of the laptops from him so I could play while the two of them are working and not talking to me.

In walks daughter #2, Jenn, greetings are exchanged and I sent her upstairs to get scissors, comb, towel for her haircut. Well, you know she snagged my chair and laptop and started playing games while I am doing her hair!

Now I'm making dinner, cutting hair and no one is talking to me. They are all PLUGGED IN! Remember that old Stephen King novel about the people in town who became computers or some nonsense? I lived that in my kitchen yesterday!


Online Dating?

Yesterday I was congratulating a friend on her upcoming wedding. She and her intended met online and formed a wonderful relationship. I commented that my daughter had a similar experience 8 years ago.

My daughter was 22 at the time and living at home, going to school. My baby, my stay at home girl. Sometime in early summer we noticed that she was virtually living on the computer. If she wasn't at work then you could find her parked in front of the computer (somewhat like what I do now). Of course I asked what was up and she said she had found a gaming site (card games) where you could partner up with other people all over the world and she was making friends and enjoying it. Her speech became peppered with what so and so from China thought and what the new thing was in India, bah, blah. All good.  

One morning, my husband got up for work at 5:30 and daughter was still assuming the position in front of the computer, still in her work clothes from the night before! She hadn't walked away from that screen for 9 hours. This became a routine and then, suddenly a web cam appeared on top of our monitor, hmmm. "What's up", I asked? "Nothing, what?" I started questioning her friends who wouldn't tell me but they did get all squirmy. I was considering the bamboo water torture when she finally (with the support of her girl friends) told me what was up. She had met Mr. Wonderful. Yes, online and he lived in Holland! Specifically, Amsterdam. And further, she was planning to get on a plane and go there for a visit for several weeks....ALONE! Are you freaking kidding me? Amsterdam, the land of legalized SIN! My little girl alone with a total stranger in Amsterdam? Oh Double HELL NO! This is the same kid who didn't even like sleep overs because she would rather be home!

Of course we talked calmly, then progressed to battle skirmishes. "But I'm over 18!". "And I still feed you and provide a roof over your head". "You can't stop me, I'm buying my own ticket." "And I recall taking your temperature and bringing you juice just weeks ago!".  STANDOFF! Even her friends were nervous and didn't like the idea.

I cracked a little and agreed to meet him (give him the evil eye) on the web cam. Well, I did, but the lighting at his end was bad and I still felt like he was surely a 50 year old, creepy rapist and was going to sell my baby into white slavery in Indonesia or something. Then someone else walked into the room, it was his Mother. She and his dad had just come back from dinner. She and I met and chatted. Yes, she had some of the same feelings that I did about these kids. She was...me, just a mom, concerned about her child making crazy decisions.

Eventually we all agreed that Edo would come here for a visit and stay with us. He arrived, we met, he stayed for several weeks. We all loved him immediately, he fit right in even though he is a crazy foreigner. One year later, I got to meet his mom, Coby, when she arrived at my house 2 weeks prior to their wedding. We became fast friends on the spot. We all had the best 2 weeks with the families intermingling.

Happy 7th Anniversary to Jenn and Edo!

There are, however, differences in how Europeans live as compared to Americans but I'll save those observations for another post.


Tribal Blogs

Are you tired of wading through blogs that don't update regularly? Or how about the ones that are so full of blinky, glittery ads that you can't even find any content? Well, we all are and Jen over at RedHeadRanting decided to do something about it.  She has developed a new networking site for bloggers and it's called Tribal Blogs. It's free to join and anyone is able to download the toolbar which will connect you with likeminded, quality blogs. There is also a premium membership available that will get your blog added to that toolbar. This site, though new, is very exciting and has really taken off. Go by and see what you think.

Here are some things Jen has to say about Tribal Blogs:

Tribal Blogs is a community of writers whose outstanding blogs set them apart from the rest of the pack. You are here because you share the following qualities with these bloggers:

* You are a gifted writer
* You engage your readers
* You share your thoughts and feelings by commenting on posts that interest you
* Your blog is inviting
* Your readers trust you

No matter what your blog is about, you, as a writer, regularly engage, interest, entertain, and welcome your readers into your life. It’s not about how many comments you get or how cool your theme is. It’s about rising above the thousands of crappy blogs out there and taking pride in your work.

Joining Tribal Blogs is free. You can download the toolbar, surf some great sites and network with other pro bloggers without any cost.

What do you get for joining?
  • A community of great blogs where you can feel safe to express your opinions in a free but professional manner
  • The Tribal Blogs toolbar, which allows you to easily visit member blogs
  • The ability to purchase advertising on member blogs without having to go through a third party
  • Support from and networking with other high-quality bloggers
  • A forum for respectful but honest discussion on a range of pertinent topics


Judge Douchbag ?

The Honorable Darrell Russell Jr. is a real chuckle. Judge Russell presides over domestic violence cases which don't tend to tickle the funny bone so Russell inserts his own bits of humor. You can get a seat in his courtroom free any weekday, he's there until 4:00. Or at least he was.

In criminal cases it is the state that prosecutes, rather than an individual, so the pressure and responsibility are taken out of the hands of the victims.  On March 10th, a domestic violence case came to trial and all parties were present in Judge Russell's court. The defense asked for a postponement in the trial so that the defendant and the witness (victim) could be married! The victim had been beaten severely, face bloodied, kicked in the ribs, thrown against a wall. She told police that the defendant had threatened to kill her as well as her two children on previous occasions. Has she seen the light? He must have said sorry, right? I'll never do it again, I promise! Is there an alarm bell going off in your head right now? Why does the state step in and prosecute? Oh, right.

Russell thought it was a fine idea and insisted on performing the nuptials himself, bless his romantic heart! He postponed until the afternoon to allow these folks to get a marriage license and then invited them back to his chambers for the wedding ceremony. I guess he pulled the attorneys in as witnesses for the blessed event. Are these people on CRACK?

Upon return to the courtroom, Judge Russell called the case, the new bride invoked her right to not testify against her husband, defendant pronounced NOT GUILTY. Done. Until the media learned of this bizarre case. When the questions came a-flying, Judge Russell remarked that it must have been a slow news day!

District Court Judges are appointed......for life. With full and generous pensions upon retirement. The Judge is currently on administrative duty only. What will they come up with for him? I could come up with a few ideas.

I would like to nominate Judge Darrell Russell for Jayne's Steaming Pile Of Shit Award. I believe he's worthy.


The Hippodrome - Where's The What?

We're going to have a little more Baltimore architectural history today. Over the weekend we went downtown to see a show at the Hippodrome Theater. The show was 'Stomp' and if you have never seen it, I do recommend it as a fun, entertaining way to spend a couple of hours. My husband and I took the Buggy girl and also a couple of other family members went along. This show is all about creativity and imagination, it's music and dance and fun. Sounds perfect for an almost six year old and it was!

This theater is just beautiful inside and I really enjoy looking at the architecture. The theater originally opened in 1914 as a movie palace and vaudeville theater. They could seat 3,000 and the average weekly attendance was 30,000. In 1931 a facelift was performed with new seats installed and a new marquee. At that time prices for a show were 25 cents before noon, 35 cents from noon until 6pm and 50 cents after 6pm. The prices are a tad higher today!

The theater gained quite a reputation and booked acts such as Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Red Skelton as vaudeville performers. Musical acts were also very big and included Dinah Shore,the Andrews Sisters, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. A lot of great history in those walls.
The theater was renovated and restored in the late 1990's and now features touring Broadway shows. We have seen several shows there and it's really my favorite theater in Baltimore.

On Saturday, we dressed up a little, shined the shoes, bows were tied perfectly, the dress was just so and off we went. We clapped, we laughed, we were entertained as people have been doing in this building for close to 100 years! Toward the end of the show, it ran a little long for a six year old, Buggy leaned over to me and asked in a VERY loud whisper,

"Grandmom, where's the Food Court? I want a hot dog."


I'm On A Lonely Island

Yesterday my sister, Lorrie, and I went to visit my parents. It takes me 90 minutes to make the trip which includes picking Lorrie up on the way. We accomplished some things to help them out, we visited, we had lunch and sat out in the sunshine for a bit. It was lovely, that is until I was on my way home and wondering why my husband hadn't called yet to say he was on his way home from work. I was driving over a bridge when I reached into my purse for my cell phone.....uh oh....dump the contents out on the seat of the car....*gasp*!

No Cell Phone!

It was 7:30 at this point and I was only 20 minutes from home, not turning around. No need to freak because I am going to see my mom on Saturday. Mmmm, but we don't have a land line anymore, we gave that up over a year ago. So then, of course my husband was super late getting home. I didn't know what to do! When he finally got home I snapped at him because....well, because I HAVE NO PHONE!

I made a few calls last night on his phone to let people know that I am on an island until Saturday afternoon. 

I woke up this morning and after coffee, tried to publish the post that I wrote last night (health care bill-aren't you glad I lost it?) unsuccessfully! I sat here so long searching and cursing that I was late for an appointment. Couldn't call because I HAVE NO PHONE! When I arrived at my Doctor's office late, I had to be punished by being moved to the bottom of the list! Sigh...

I had errands to run this afternoon and, you know it, I needed to ask my husband a question. I was in Wal-Mart at the time. I went in search of an employee and asked her to direct me to the pay phone. After she blinked her eyes like 40 times she laughed. Yes, she laughed at me! Apparently they haven't had pay phones for years.

Thank god I didn't have car trouble today. AAA only works if you can PHONE them! I saw a cell phone watch online today. It's kind of  ugly and bulky but I bet I wouldn't leave it anywhere. You really learn to appreciate things when they're gone!


Where did my post go? 

What do you mean it's gone?



I didn't do it -I didn't touch anything!


I have to go find it now!


Bromo Seltzer Tower Renovation

In 1911, Captain Isaac E. Emerson, the inventor of Bromo Seltzer, constructed the Bromo Seltzer Tower. Standing at 288.7 feet high, this was the tallest structure in Baltimore until 1923. There was originally a factory at the base of the tower which has since been replaced by a firehouse. The most distinctive feature of the tower is the four huge clock faces at the top of the building. Each clock has, in addition to the roman numerals, the words Bromo Seltzer spelled out around each face. Everyone who lives, works or visits the city knows the Bromo Seltzer clock, it's a major landmark.

A couple of years ago the Tower was completely renovated on the inside and now houses 33 artist studios. My son-in-law, Edo, worked for nearly two years on those renovations. Edo is a finish carpenter and specializes in historic restoration work. This is what he did in Holland before coming to the US in 2002. He is back at the Tower, this time to rehab the hands of the south facing clock. The south clock has not worked for some time because the hands are stuck. This week the hands were removed and Edo has begun restoring them.

I'm planning to be there when the restored clock hands are put back in place. I would love to get pictures of that.


Happy St. Patty's Day

I was taking the trash out last night after dark. I happened to glance over at the neighbor's house and I noticed this little green guy sitting at the base of their tree! 

He was not moving at all, not even blinking his eyes.

I knew what this was....and what I had to do.

I ran for my shovel. Oh, good, the little guy is still there. I'm pretty stealth when I need to be.

I probably won't be posting today, I'm still digging. The neighbors are angry but I can hold them off until I find it.

I could use a beer right now. Wish me luck!


The Graveyard

Do you realize how vital your computer has become to your life? How it has become integrated into your every day comings and goings? I thought I did but, no, I really didn't have a grasp on the whole picture. Nearly every aspect of your life is reflected in some way on your hard drive. Far more personal than the contents of your wallet. It's scary.

I bought a new computer, probably a year ago. The old one was, well, old and unreliable, slow and quirky. Then one day it wouldn't boot up...Eghads! And off to the store we went. We searched, we questioned we read and we bought. Oh, happy day! We brought it home all bright and shiny. Oh it looked wonderful on my desk and this machine is quick, I click and I receive, easy as that.

The old computer, which served me well for years, has been sitting on the floor in my office. Over in the corner with the dust bunnies. Same place we all put them. I might have another one or two in the basement too. So a couple of weeks ago I noticed it and wondered if my brother-in-law (the master of computer geeks) could fix it well enough that my grandaughter could use it. She is turning six in a couple of weeks so she just plays her games and goes online to the Disney site.

Well, he did get it working properly, it isn't fast as lightening but it's fine. He called me to ask what I wanted to leave or delete. At first I said, oh I doubt there is anything to worry about on there, don't waste your time. Then a couple of phone calls later, I realized everything I have done in the past few years is on there...everything! Financials from a business we owned, yep. Personal banking, yep. Pictorial evidence in a lawsuit, yep. Word docs re: said law suit, yep. Credit card info, yep. Medical insurance and prescription info, yep. The details of my life contained in a little gray box, yep.

So this is why we all have electronics graveyards in our basements. I think I'll take them all out in the driveway and pour battery acid inside them. It's the only way to protect myself!


I Hear The Sound of Glass Shattering

There's a new football coach at Calvin Coolidge Senior High in DC. They named the new coach last week after the previous coach resigned. Her name is Natalie Randolph. She is 29 years old and it's believed that she is the only female head coach of a high school varsity football team.

Coach Randolph takes on her new job with plenty of experience backing her up. She played six seasons as a receiver for the D.C. Divas of the National Women's Football Association, helping the team to a title in 2006. Ms. Randolph also had the job of assistant coach from 2006-2008 at another DC High School.

The news conference drew a large amount of interest, as you would expect. The Mayor was in attendance as well as a room full of media personnel.This is big news and we can expect a good deal of coverage during the season. I imagine there will be an uncomfortable amount of focus on the Coolidge varsity team. A distraction? Certainly, but it may have more affect on the opposing teams than on the Coolidge players. As Ms. Randolph has witnessed as assistant coach in prior years, the opposing coaches were, perhaps, a little disconcerted at the thought of a woman coaching boys, varsity football.

The players are aware that this is a controversial move and that there will be a lot of naysayers who find this a difficult concept. As one of the players was quoted in The Huffington Post: "I need trash talk as my ammunition to do better," junior defensive tackle Daniel West said. "There's nothing like proving somebody wrong. And I think that's what we're going to have to do this season – because a lot of people have something to say about her being our coach, and I feel like it's my duty and it's the team's duty to prove everybody wrong, to show that it doesn't matter. As soon as we start winning, everybody will want to be on the bandwagon."

This is not the first time that a woman was hired to coach football by a DC high school. In 1985 Wanda Oates was named head coach at Ballou and lasted all of one day in the job. This was due to pressure brought on by opposing coaches who refused to go up against a woman coach. What will it be like in 2010? A far more enlightened reaction, you say? I would guess that the coaches will not be the largest problem this time. How about the parents? How will they feel about a woman coaching their boys?

 I imagine ticket sales for Friday night games will be through the roof. It might be worth a trip into DC to catch a game. I hope this lady has some very strong shoulders.


Always Be Prepared

Yesterday my sister and I were having a short road trip. Talk radio was on and we were chatting, venting our stresses, working out fixes for the economy, you know, the usual. She's on a diet so she wouldn't let me stop for snacks. Drat!

At some point she heard a snippet about the guy with the runaway Prius from the other day. She became a little agitated and snapped at me, "what would you do if your car was accelerating and you couldn't brake to a stop?".
Me. "Um, look for a soft, fluffy dirt bank to run into?"
Sister. "No you wouldn't. You would put the car in neutral. If you disengage the gears the car will decelerate and you will still be able to steer."
Me. "Ok, yeah, that's what I'll do if ever that happens. Thanks for the PSA."
Sister. "That's just common sense, why didn't that guy just put it in neutral instead of endangering himself and lots of other people on the highway? Idiot."
Me. "That's not the scenario that I try to mentally prepare myself for."
Sister "So what do you prepare for?"
Me. "Well, what would you do if there were a bunch of gunmen surrounding your house?"
Sister. "Gunmen? are you a secret agent?"
Me. "Maybe you need to rethink your preparedness plan, I see some holes in it."


Taking The Gold!

I'm nominating the trash can toss as the newest Olympic event. I guess this would be appropriate for the summer games. I know just the crew to win the gold too. They work my street every Monday and Thursday. Oh, they are shoo-ins, don't fool yourself. They've been practicing for years. They can fling a rubbermaid like nobody's business. Those cans will glide through the air elegantly and make a sound like cymbals crashing upon impact. It's like a street ballet.

You think you have a crew that could go up against my guys? Phhffft! Go big or go home, I say. My guys have a lock on the gold. I just watched them practicing out front. They're good, I'm telling you. Bring it baby!


WW-Drink Responsibly

Karaoke party at my house. Please - don't drink and sing. 
Do you want to end up on youtube?


Nike Shaky on Roethlisberger

It looks like there may be an opening with Nike. They need a new spokesperson, someone who is able to make good decisions and knows how to live within the law. Troubled Tiger has failed this criteria and now Big Ben has strayed from the path for the second time in less than a year.

I have a suggestion for Nike to go in a new direction. Maybe they need to walk away from all of the male super jocks and go down a family friendly avenue for their ads. Show some kids running fast and jumping high wearing Nike's newest. Hey it worked for PF Flyers! Anyway, it seems to me that the ad agency needs to reevaluate their strategy.

Perhaps it's time for all of us to reevaluate. As a society, it seems, we need to help these super jocks down from their pedestals. Obviously, they aren't worth looking up to and they can't handle the pressure. Look at what we are teaching our kids; drugs, gambling, murder, violence, rape, more drugs, oh and play some ball too. NO. If we want our next generation to be responsible politicians, athletes, bankers, CEOs, then we need to teach them responsibility.

Remember when you were in school and played sports? If you were in danger of failing a class then you were suspended from the team until you could bring your grades up. Education first, sports second. Not anymore. Now if you are in danger of a failing grade you may go in front of a review board and talk your way back onto your team. Sports first, education second. I know of a kid who was a star soccer player for his high school. He went to homecoming with his date, got blind drunk and drove his car into the side of a house! Miraculously no one was hurt badly. The car was totaled as was the house. It took 6 months to renovate this house. He was required to go in front of a review board and explain this incident but was told by the coach and administrators not to admit that he had been drinking. They had no proof either way as the case was going to court. He skated and so did the school and soccer team.

Ok, I'll climb down from the soapbox now, I've said enough. I will add that grandmoms wear Nikes too and I could model the hell out of a pair of walking shoes and I AM AVAILABLE.


I'm Still Cool

*Remember when cool was having a brand new 64 box of crayons  with a sharpener built in? 

*Remember when cool was those shiny black shoes with a clicky heel?

*Remember when cool was a new  bike with a banana seat and streamers on the handlebars?

*Remember when cool was the micro mini dress? How about a maxi dress?

*Remember when cool was peanut pants and body suits?

*Remember when cool was when that cute boy noticed you? The jock....or the bad boy?

*Remember when cool was big, stiff hair and leg warmers?

*Remember when cool was letting the kids make their own pizzas on sleepover nights?

*Remember when cool was being the mom who let all the kids hang out in the basement?

*And now, cool means being the grandmom who makes the very best T-Rex shaped pancakes in the whole world and making ice cream cone cupcakes for no reason at all.


Laugh With Ron White

Please listen and enjoy a good laugh from one of my favorites! Have a great day.


I Told You She IS June Cleaver!

My sister...Lorrie. She's going to die a thousand deaths because I named names here. I've mentioned the women of my family a few times in my posts. You'll undoubtedly hear more about them, well, unless you stop reading my blog which I really hope doesn't happen. I love it when you stop by and visit. I get all giddy when you leave comments...after all, my name is Buggys and I am a Comment Whore.
The other day after I wrote about my embarrassing potholders, and yes, she totally washes hers regularly, she was laughing at my lack of kitchen housewifery. I was complaining about scrubbing my bathroom floors on all fours because it kills my old knees. Normally I use my swiffer wet jet because it's quick and easy and I don't like house cleaning that much, but sometimes I feel the need to do a better job. I was feeling pretty smart because I had folded up a beach towel to kneel on but it was a little awkward scooching backwards as I scrubbed.
So Lorrie said to me, "I use sanitary pads".
"Wha.....huh?" says I.
"Sanitary pads, kotex, maxi pads...you know, the sticky ones. Just stick them to your knees and there's your padding. Throw them away when you're done."
I swear I laughed until I cried at the image of Lorrie with a couple of kotex plus stuck on her knees. She refused to pose for a picture. Nevertheless, I'm trying that the next time. She's brilliant.


Wordless Wednesday - Friends


Who Needs A Crunk Cup?

Stay with me, I'll explain. Saturday my husband and I went to a funeral. I know, right? The second one in about a week! Crazy!. Anyway, the deceased was not someone that either of us really knew, he was the in law of a close cousin. The guy was a crazy Ravens football fan and it was a crazy funeral. Tailgating in the parking lot (yes, really) purple carnations in the shape of a football helmet and most everyone was dressed in their team jerseys. A little odd but, apparently, he would have loved it. I ended up getting drunk a little tipsy afterward at the restaurant, kind of unusual for me but I have to tell you that it was the most fun funeral I've ever attended.

At any rate yesterday during the Monday morning round of sister/daughter/niece emails the discussion began with drinking, then moved on to the funeral. I left my desk for about 30 minutes and when I came back we had gained a friend of the family on the email chain, Will who is 30 years old. Will informed us that he wants everyone at his funeral to be naked and he would be happy if there were strobe lights and a disco ball in abundance.He wants his funeral to be like a crazy drunk weekend because, "....funerals are awkward enough as it is, just sprinkle my ashes in the Chesapeake Bay and use the urn as a crunk cup. My niece suggested that we may want to wear some pimp clothes if that is the case.

This worried me a little because; A. I don't believe I have any pimp clothes (yoga pants=yes) and B. I have never heard the term Crunk Cup before. Have you? Am I the only one who didn't know?  When I asked the question I was directed to google the term. I'm pretty sure they were disdainful of my ignorance, I could hear it in the email.

I'm thinking a plastic tumbler and a handy bit of Bedazzling should get you all set, in case you find yourself in need of a crunk cup.


June Cleaver I'm Not

I'm not even close to getting my June Cleaver badge (unlike my sister Lorrie but that's a post for another day). I do clean my house, I try to keep it decluttered. Shovel out the crap now and then and swab the toilets regularly, you know. My husband makes this challenging at times as he has a couple of hoarder genes in him. Because of this I list regularly on ebay  and generally have lots to offer on recycling day. So I'm not perfect but I'm comfortable in my cleanliness.
I was talking to my Mom on the phone this morning, just chit chat. As we were talking her dryer buzzed and she said, "oh, I need to get my potholders out of the dryer."  *crickets*  "Mom," said I, "I don't recall ever washing a potholder in my life".  Of course Mom answers "OH, I wash these frequently because they are really nice ones and I use them every day". To which I remark, "Mom, I use mine most every day too, in fact I'm looking at my favorite ones now and I'm thinking mine are probably growing E.Coli virus!" 
Aren't potholders in the same category as $4 rubber flip flops? You use them until they are just past super yucky then throw them away? Apparently my mother was remiss in teaching me the finer points of housewifery. That's probably why I never earned my June Cleaver badge. Damnit!
Maybe I should donate my potholders to the science department at the high school. I'm going shopping later in the housewares section of Target.

We Have A Winner!

First of all I want to say thanks for all who participated in the handbag giveaway! I had lots of participants and I know this because I wrote names on a whole lot of little scraps of paper! My husband then had the honor of reaching into the bowl and choosing just one of the many names of those entrants. Who is it?

Congratulations Lee and I really hope you love your new bag! Lee chose the brown and green bag which happens to be one of my personal favorites (I might have to make another like it for myself). 
For all of you who entered and did not win, sorry, maybe if things get dull I'll do another giveaway.

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