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Are you tired of wading through blogs that don't update regularly? Or how about the ones that are so full of blinky, glittery ads that you can't even find any content? Well, we all are and Jen over at RedHeadRanting decided to do something about it.  She has developed a new networking site for bloggers and it's called Tribal Blogs. It's free to join and anyone is able to download the toolbar which will connect you with likeminded, quality blogs. There is also a premium membership available that will get your blog added to that toolbar. This site, though new, is very exciting and has really taken off. Go by and see what you think.

Here are some things Jen has to say about Tribal Blogs:

Tribal Blogs is a community of writers whose outstanding blogs set them apart from the rest of the pack. You are here because you share the following qualities with these bloggers:

* You are a gifted writer
* You engage your readers
* You share your thoughts and feelings by commenting on posts that interest you
* Your blog is inviting
* Your readers trust you

No matter what your blog is about, you, as a writer, regularly engage, interest, entertain, and welcome your readers into your life. It’s not about how many comments you get or how cool your theme is. It’s about rising above the thousands of crappy blogs out there and taking pride in your work.

Joining Tribal Blogs is free. You can download the toolbar, surf some great sites and network with other pro bloggers without any cost.

What do you get for joining?
  • A community of great blogs where you can feel safe to express your opinions in a free but professional manner
  • The Tribal Blogs toolbar, which allows you to easily visit member blogs
  • The ability to purchase advertising on member blogs without having to go through a third party
  • Support from and networking with other high-quality bloggers
  • A forum for respectful but honest discussion on a range of pertinent topics
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