AGift for Mother's Day or Any Day

I know, what a great idea, right? A handmade, one of a kind handbag for that precious Mother in your life. No, not the @$#& Mother! Stop that. The angel who carried and coddled you. The one who has fed and comforted you all your life. For some of you it may be your wife as well. Frankly, I've been known to buy myself a Mother's Day gift. What? I'm not worth it? A shameless plug? Yep, but these bags really are one of a kind and they are truly beautiful AND functional. You'll be happy and so will your Mom.

If you let me know it's a gift, I'll even gift wrap for you. Full service! So go, hurry, upper left corner over there, click "Shop Buggys"  or click here and browse. Couple of clicks with Paypal and the bag will be on its way. Keep checking back to see what's new, I'm sewing as we speak!
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