My Cyber Cafe

Yesterday two of our kids came by to visit. One of them I knew was coming by at some point because she wanted me to trim her hair. She had tried to come by the day before but I was out which, I think, annoyed her a bit. So, anyway, around noon the oldest called to see if we would be around as she was on her way home from DC and thought she would pop in. This all came to fruition around 4:00.

In comes the first born, Christina, with her tote bag on her shoulder. "Hi mom, what's for dinner, can we make dinner now, I'm starving?" She is sitting at the kitchen island now setting up her laptop as I start gathering some quick food to prevent my child from perishing. Christina says, "I need to get my resume together so I thought I would work on it here so you can help." Meanwhile I am running food choices by her because, as you know, I don't really cook. We are chicken nugget/fries people and my oldest daughter is a food snob. I don't know where she came from. I got the food into pots and pans and into the oven. Timer set.

My husband is at the kitchen table working on his laptop in front of him and another in the chair next to him transferring all of his music from one to another while watching a basketball game on tv. I snagged one of the laptops from him so I could play while the two of them are working and not talking to me.

In walks daughter #2, Jenn, greetings are exchanged and I sent her upstairs to get scissors, comb, towel for her haircut. Well, you know she snagged my chair and laptop and started playing games while I am doing her hair!

Now I'm making dinner, cutting hair and no one is talking to me. They are all PLUGGED IN! Remember that old Stephen King novel about the people in town who became computers or some nonsense? I lived that in my kitchen yesterday!

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