The Graveyard

Do you realize how vital your computer has become to your life? How it has become integrated into your every day comings and goings? I thought I did but, no, I really didn't have a grasp on the whole picture. Nearly every aspect of your life is reflected in some way on your hard drive. Far more personal than the contents of your wallet. It's scary.

I bought a new computer, probably a year ago. The old one was, well, old and unreliable, slow and quirky. Then one day it wouldn't boot up...Eghads! And off to the store we went. We searched, we questioned we read and we bought. Oh, happy day! We brought it home all bright and shiny. Oh it looked wonderful on my desk and this machine is quick, I click and I receive, easy as that.

The old computer, which served me well for years, has been sitting on the floor in my office. Over in the corner with the dust bunnies. Same place we all put them. I might have another one or two in the basement too. So a couple of weeks ago I noticed it and wondered if my brother-in-law (the master of computer geeks) could fix it well enough that my grandaughter could use it. She is turning six in a couple of weeks so she just plays her games and goes online to the Disney site.

Well, he did get it working properly, it isn't fast as lightening but it's fine. He called me to ask what I wanted to leave or delete. At first I said, oh I doubt there is anything to worry about on there, don't waste your time. Then a couple of phone calls later, I realized everything I have done in the past few years is on there...everything! Financials from a business we owned, yep. Personal banking, yep. Pictorial evidence in a lawsuit, yep. Word docs re: said law suit, yep. Credit card info, yep. Medical insurance and prescription info, yep. The details of my life contained in a little gray box, yep.

So this is why we all have electronics graveyards in our basements. I think I'll take them all out in the driveway and pour battery acid inside them. It's the only way to protect myself!
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