Judge Douchbag ?

The Honorable Darrell Russell Jr. is a real chuckle. Judge Russell presides over domestic violence cases which don't tend to tickle the funny bone so Russell inserts his own bits of humor. You can get a seat in his courtroom free any weekday, he's there until 4:00. Or at least he was.

In criminal cases it is the state that prosecutes, rather than an individual, so the pressure and responsibility are taken out of the hands of the victims.  On March 10th, a domestic violence case came to trial and all parties were present in Judge Russell's court. The defense asked for a postponement in the trial so that the defendant and the witness (victim) could be married! The victim had been beaten severely, face bloodied, kicked in the ribs, thrown against a wall. She told police that the defendant had threatened to kill her as well as her two children on previous occasions. Has she seen the light? He must have said sorry, right? I'll never do it again, I promise! Is there an alarm bell going off in your head right now? Why does the state step in and prosecute? Oh, right.

Russell thought it was a fine idea and insisted on performing the nuptials himself, bless his romantic heart! He postponed until the afternoon to allow these folks to get a marriage license and then invited them back to his chambers for the wedding ceremony. I guess he pulled the attorneys in as witnesses for the blessed event. Are these people on CRACK?

Upon return to the courtroom, Judge Russell called the case, the new bride invoked her right to not testify against her husband, defendant pronounced NOT GUILTY. Done. Until the media learned of this bizarre case. When the questions came a-flying, Judge Russell remarked that it must have been a slow news day!

District Court Judges are appointed......for life. With full and generous pensions upon retirement. The Judge is currently on administrative duty only. What will they come up with for him? I could come up with a few ideas.

I would like to nominate Judge Darrell Russell for Jayne's Steaming Pile Of Shit Award. I believe he's worthy.
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