All About The Comfort

 I saw this bike the other day and I kind of love it. We like to go for bike rides with the Buggy girl sometimes. She is only just off of the training wheels so I can still keep up with her. I have an old bike now but it's seen better days so I'm kind of looking around. This bike is from the Comfort Line, yes! Ok, that's me, I'm all about the comfort.

I would need to make a couple of modifications to this one to totally love it. First thing is the seat. This is a nice seat but my ass is not a size 4 anymore (throat clearing). So I'm thinking a wider one would make me happy. I'm not trying to be tortured, have you seen some of these bike seats of the misery variety? Do you never want to walk again?

The second item would be the gears. I don't have a need for gears. I wouldn't ever change to a different gear, no need. I don't do hills. I will avoid hills at all cost. I plan my route accordingly. The fact is I am a smoker, oh my God I can't believe I just said that. My dirty secret is out of the bag. Don't hate please. Smokers are not known for stretching themselves to physical limits. Vacuuming is about as far as it goes. So, strip the gears.

Last but, possibly most important, is a basket. A must have. I never travel lightly, anywhere, anytime, ask my husband. I need to have my mug full of iced tea and backup depending on the length of the trip. Perhaps a snack and of course my cigarettes because what would an outdoor excursion be without those things? Admittedly this is a dorky look. But I think we have determined that I am beyond worrying about looking dorky or old. I do wear my reading glasses on a chain around my neck. My family hates that but it makes me happy.

The only negative here is the price of my dream bike. For this plain, retro, old style bike? $499.00. Yes, astonishing, I know. Maybe I should cruise the flea markets for a circa 1955 Schwinn and do a pretty paint job on it. If anyone reads this post and would like me to do a review on this bike, I'm completely available. Just saying.
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