My New Life

Apparently this is what my life has come to. I'm at home all day now while everyone else that I know is at work. I do get lots of housework done, the ironing and whatnot. Ok, and lots of blog visiting, reading, commenting. But out of work nevertheless, means being a little at loose ends.

I think my Mother is worried about me or feeling sorry for me. She recently gave me a bag filled with clothes. She said that she had bought the wrong size, a bag full! My Mother and I do not wear the same size, nor do we have the same taste, not even close. My Mother gave me her cast-offs! In a span of 2 months am I looking like a homeless person or something?

She has also invited me to lunch a couple of times. Sure I'll go to lunch! She then let's me know that some of their friends or other retired relatives will be there as well. So now I'm hanging with the seniors for lunch dates! Well, lunch is good, seeing other people is good. Yesterday we had one of these lunch dates. Food was fine, conversation was fine except I kept tossing out topics for discussion and not getting any grabbers. New local legislation? No. David Letterman debacle? No. "Has everyone gotten their flu shots yet?" Wooo! They jumped on that one! Hot topic of discussion.

Yes, I'm whining! Thanks for listening. *sigh*


Lin said...

Do some things that you wouldn't ordinarily do to pass the time and feel productive--clean out a closet or your drawers. Get rid of old clothes and sort your paperwork. It helps to feel useful a bit. :) Hang in there.

Me-Me King said...

I'm in the the same boat only I have embraced my "hermitage". (*sigh*)

Anonymous said...

Don -- get a job would ya! This is getting ridiculous, between Moms clothes and lunch with the "oldies" ... lol


Chris said...

Well, at least you got some new clothes and lunch dates out of your unemployment time, even if they are your mother's. Don't sweat it - you'll be back to work soon enough, so just enjoy this time off.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya - except I have no one bringing me bags of clothing, wrong size or not; no one inviting me to lunch - old, young or otherwise; there is only so much housework a person can do - this is a small house and there are just 2 of us; and most of the time I DO enjoy being a hermit.

Edna / HandmadeDiva said...


Ann said...

You must be exhausted after all that stimulating lunch conversation....lol
I've always said that I would like to be able to stay home and not have to go to work but if it means having to iron and do lunch with seniors I think I'll keep going to work.

One with many names said...

I find whining to be a great source of relief! :)

I was laid off in October of last year... didn't find a job until July of this year. It was a very rough patch of time for me.

Hope things look up for you soon.

Take care!


Jackie said...

Watch out! You know what comes next?
Dinner at 4PM. LOL!!

The last time Pam was here we took her to our favorite All-You-Can-Eat Catfish place.

Hey, I live in the south and on a lake. Catfish is an integral part of our life!!

Well, back to the story, we were all ready to go around 3:45, the dang place opens at 4. If you don;t get there by 4:30 you have to stand in line!!

Pam was shocked and now laughs about it. We have officially become old.

That's a sign you know. Look around and you will see hoards of seniors heading to the restaurants about 4PM!!

Wow, had to beak form my Photoshop thing. It's written in Greek!!

Happy day,

Acadia said...

Put on all the clothes she gave you at once and then go sit in her yard. If she comes out to talk to you, point at the sky and scream.

That's what I'd do.

BeadedTail said...

Funny. I hope your job situation changes so you can do what you choose. Until then, maybe it'd help to volunteer somewhere or take fun classes at a community college. I work from home and take art classes or exercise classes since it's low cost plus it gets me out of this house!

Rondi said...

Very funny cartoon. Hope things get better--have you thought about working from home or taking online classes?

Rebecca said...

I feel for ya! Although I can talk politics with my parents - my mother would prefer I grow out of my t-shirt wardrobe. Hang in there girl! ((hugs))

The Peach Tart said...

Big hugs. I hope things get better.

Cruise Addict said...

This gave me a good laugh. :-)

The Bee said...

omg that sucks - I'm so sorry. maybe you should start hanging out with Carrie.

Maria @ Conversations with Moms said...

Your Mom seems to really love you. The flu shot comment cracked me up.