LOST - The Final Season

Well this is a fine kettle of fish we're in! I know there are lots of LOST fans out there and, in the past 10 days, I have become one of them. My daughter made me watch the first season and now, I'm hooked on this crazy mess. So I am trying to catch up in time for the February 2nd, mega hour premiere of the final season and what do I hear? President Obama is due to deliver his State of the Union address that night! What, we need to hear how he is working hard to thrust expensive things on us that we don't want and can't pay for? STOP THE INSANITY! Fine, you and Nancy just go create new ways to take away our freedoms and more of the pennies that we are able to earn, tell us how to spend the few dollars we have left and make sure you develop more green initiatives to correct the non-existent Global Warming.
But Do.Not.Mess.With.Our.Final.Season.Of.LOST.
The line has been drawn in the sand. There is a start up group on Face Book, if you feel as strongly as I do, you may want to lend your support to (ready?) "Americans Against the State of the Union on the Same Night as Lost". A little lengthy, I had to take a nap in the middle of typing it.
And that's not the only problem! The network, in their sneaky little ways, has decided to put LOST on the Tuesday night lineup which will pit it against The NCIS family! Prior to my LOST fandom, Tuesday was the only night I scheduled to watch TV as I do LOVE some NCIS. Yeah, well, don't play with us folks. We have tivo, we have dvr's, we can all play that game!
Apparently life really is like a chess match! You always need to be one step ahead of those devils.


Mike Golch said...

I have not heard that frase in a long time.Nice to see it again. I used to enjoy watching Laurel and Hardy when I was young.

Cruise Addict said...

One of my daughters is a Lost fanatic and has tried on various occasions to have me watch an episode. But to her chagrin it was a no go. Hell I don't watch TV anymore now that I took up this new Olympic Sport of Blogging.

Could you imagine that being televised. A group of bloggers in one room, blogging away and being televised. About as much fun as watching many of the shows on today.

In all reality though I don't think I am missing much not watching TV as much or at all, anymore.

Have a great weekend, Glenn

Ann said...

I have to say I'm lost because I've never seen or heard of LOST. I rarely turn on the tv anymore. But I can relate to being interrupted by stupid speeches

The Bee said...

Ha! I love it. What season are you guys on now?

Thyme2dream said...

My hubby is a Lost fan-and not an Obama fan! I will direct him towards the FB group, lol

Liz Mays said...

We have the first two seasons on dvd but I have never watched them. I hear it's good but I've never taken the time!

Jude said...

I watched Lost a few times, but I'm not that into any shows any more because they switch them up so much and I can never keep track. Can't you see episodes online?

Staci said...

I doubt they'll preempt LOST entirely. They'll probably just start it when the President stops, making everything end late they way CBS always does when football runs over. That would be my guess anyway.

I still have half of last season to catch up on. I think I'm going to hook the laptop up to my TV this weekend and have a marathon before they take the episodes off ABC.com.

I'm glad you finally joined the rest of us fans. Have fun catching up.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

That first season of Lost is great, and it only gets better! If you can't catch up in time for the premiere of season 6, they are airing a special episode beforehand to catch up new viewers. Which is very helpful because Lost is more complicated than your average soap opera!

I like your idea of upstaging the President for the sake of good tv. At least in Lost we know it's fictional by design.

Rebecca said...

LOL Too funny. I wish Obama and Nancy would GET LOST!!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I've never watched Lost either. But I hear it's a really good show...just not that into TV I guess

JD at I Do Things said...


Oh, my god. February 2 cannot come soon enough for me.

I read that the creators of Lost offered President Obama the chance to ask ANY questions about Lost that he wanted, as long as he moved his speech so it wouldn't interfere.

Wonder if he'll take 'em up on that?

glutamine said...

He hasn't made his 1st state of the union address yet. The speech you're thinking about is the address to Congress last week, or was it this week?