Do The Half Pipe?

Do you ski? Snowboard? A group of us took a short little ski holidays last weekend, just for a day. We went to Ski Roundtop in Pennsylvania. They have a bit of everything there for most anyone to enjoy. Let me tell you, our group tried it all, we had people snowboarding, some skiers and some tried the snow tubing hills.
I enjoy skiing, though Susie Chapstick I am not. I've never tried snowboarding, it seems like it would be awkward having both feet planted on the same board, I can't work out in my head how to do that. I'm just not that coordinated. It does look like a lot of fun though and I know that the kids in our group just live for it!
We have had so much cold weather lately and wouldn't you know, the day we planned to go skiing it was 41 degrees! The sunshine felt great but the snow was way too slow, it figures. Doesn't matter because we were all over those hills, laughing and having a blast.
Some of the best family vacations I can remember have been winter ski vacations. When I say family I mean all of my sisters, the husbands, the kids and maybe a few extra friends. We rent a large house at one of the resorts for a week or long weekend and pile in for a giant slumber party! It's been a few years since we have done this and I'm thinking it's time to put a trip together!
Come on back tomorrow and I may have a picture or two.


Lee said...

Fun! Of course, I don't ski or do snow or cold for that matter, but I'm great at laying on the beach.

Ann said...

Never been on a pair of ski or a snowboard. I'm strictly the fireplace in the lodge kind of person...lol. That does sound like a fun time though with the family.

BeadedTail said...

Sounds like fun! I went to Vail once and attempted to ski but instead slid down the hill from the chair lift to the bottom. The hot tub was fun though!

Jude said...

I would ride the lift up and down, but that would be my only attempt of going down hill in snow.