Addicted To Reality TV

We must be addicted, that's all I can figure. We have the survivors, the obese, the lonelies looking for love, the poor little rich folk, the hoarders, etc. You know there are more! Now, apparently, we are actually tuning in to watch people in rehab, celebrities, or pseudo-celebs anyway. In case you are unaware, as I was, the show is called Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and I guess it focuses on groups in treatment, celebs, of course. That's entertainment folks!
We all have read the stories of various celebrities who have battled, and in many cases lost, with prescription drug abuse starting with Elvis Presley and most recently, of course is Michael Jackson. The  prescription list of widely abused drugs is long, I'm sure but many on that list would be painkillers. Isn't that what we always hear? Addicted to prescription pain killers following an injury or a surgery?
I guess it's like a train wreck that we just can't tear our eyes away from, the new Jon & Kate. If ever I did the channel flip and landed on that show I couldn't stop watching! Diaper changes, pancakes on paper plates, it was undeniably fascinating for some reason.
My daughter is a reality TV Addict. I don't know if she watches this show but I'll have to ask her. I bet she's tuned in. Does it make us feel better about our own lives? Maybe so.


Lin said...

I like Dr. Drew. Doesn't he seem so caring??? It amazes me how screwed up everyone is when I watch these shows--which isn't often. Folks are messed up.

Unknown said...

I watched this show a few times. I couldn't keep up with the day or time it airs. I think I caught it during a marathon.

And you're right about that train wreck that you can't turn away from.

The episodes I watched featured Jeff Conway...the once cute guy from Taxi...OMG!!! It was so sad.

Unknown said...

*raises hand*
I watch this too...it's fascinating to me. *shrugs*

injaynesworld said...

Yes, but nothing can compare, for it's sheer twisted nature, to the grandmama of all reality shows, "Queen For A day." Remember those pathetic women who would get up there and try to out-sob story each other and then the applause meter would rate the biggest tragedy and bestow upon her a crown and a washing machine? Now THAT was must-see TV.

Ann said...

I rarely watch much tv anymore but I never could get into watching the reality shows. I don't know why I just never liked them

vange said...

All reality tv shows make me feel better about myself. But, because I'm already conceited enough, I don't need to watch them. hahahahaha

The Bee said...

For the record - I do NOT watch this show. I know you're shocked. I've seen it and I don;t really care for it. Now give me some "Ru Paul's Drag Race" and I'm there any day of the week!