Idol Smackdown 2010!

Yes reality TV. This is the only reality show that I watch and I am ADDICTED to it! Nine seasons of addiction. Several of my family members and friends are into it as well. This year we are doing a little competition (smackdown) amongst 12 of us, mostly the sisters and daughters (hereafter referred to as "The sister"). We have a spreadsheet, rules, etc., and all to be in the winners circle in May to win.....bragging rights for a year!
The deal is that we each have to choose an Idol, we did that on Thursday morning. Then each week we choose the people that we think are going home, then points are awarded accordingly.
Last night was the results for week #1 of the competition and already it was a crazy, unexpected upset! The voters (as in a congressional election) are a little wacky. As Michael Sleazak of Entertainment Weekly said: "....still flummoxed by the fact that those cats... are paying the price for singing misdemeanors while musical felons like Jermaine, Tim Urban, Alex Lambert and Lacey Brown will live to threaten us again with (how can I state this in a politically correct fashion?) their "creative selection of notes".
I don't think you can imagine the volume of emails that the sisters are shooting around on the morning following an airing of Idol. I have a sampling:

Jen: Ok, it gets serious this week dawg. Put your Randy pants on and start figuring out who for you, for me is a little pitchy.
Jamie: Di Di's my girl.
Jen: Don't pick until you hear them sing goober.
Jamie: I'm not picking yet dodo I'm just saying she and I are bff's.
Jen: Kirk and John are playing but DO NOT include them in the hen-chat emails.
Stacy: Follow me beotch's. As last years winner I am good!
Jamie: I totally split my pants at Giant last night. I had to lean down and check myself out.
Chris: Those thongs don't really provide much coverage, huh? Kind of reminds me of tamps and hoops!

Chris: I'm going to make another Mojito
Jen: Is it me or does Alex Lambert have a half mullet/half Zach Efron?
Chris: I think he does. Kris Allen is easy on the eyes but I'm over hearing renditions of other people's songs.
Jen: Get used to it. When you hear the song Kara writes for the winner, you'll be wishing they were singing Lady Gaga songs again. The song she wrote last year was just tragic.
Jen: Why are these girls wearing spiders and shit on their heads?

By the way, I have ZERO points as of last night! Crazy voters. Next week I'm getting serious. Who to pick?


Me-Me King said...

Dang it! I missed last night's show. I do appreciate your recap, this will save me from having to watch it on YouTube.

injaynesworld said...

I'm totally into the girl with the guitar and harmonica. There's something so authentic about her. I'd stopped watching for several years, but I like the new judges, especially Ellen. She brings a genuine caring to the show.

vange said...

I swear I am the only person on the planet who has never seen American Idol! I need to get with it.

Ann said...

Just so Vange won't feel alone I've never watched it either

vange said...

We are twinsies, Ann!

BeadedTail said...

I don't know their names yet but I do know who I thought would go home didn't. I'm lousy at choosing.

Cruise Addict said...
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Cruise Addict said...

Arghhhh sorry Donna, see how burnt out I am , can you please fix the comment, your definitely not a John :-). I just want to make sure you all know I am thinking of you....

Jen said...

I don't watch it anymore, I can never remember when it's on which is strange since it is always on.

I love your emails back and forth, they almost make me want to watch again.

Staci said...

LOL, it's like Fantasy Football for the reality show circuit. Spreadsheets and points--seriously? That some dedication.

I couldn't really decided who would have gone or stayed last week. They were all kind of bad for the first night. When are they ever going to get that they don't need to pick some big name for a song choice?