Feeling Used

Are you an Amazon user? I am and I like it a lot. I order frequently; books, movies, gift items of all sorts. Never had a problem. Actually I still haven't had a problem with Amazon at all. The problem is with one of the sellers.

Several weeks ago my grandaughter, Buggy, received a summer reading list from school. Yep, just like most every one of your kids. There were 15 books on the list which is rather a lot of books to buy at once. I told my daughter that I would get them. I logged onto Amazon to check for used books as this would save a good deal of money and I like saving money. I found 13 out of 15 books listed as 'Used, Good'. I have bought used books before and have always been very satisfied. They have always been in like new condition and that's really what I expect. You're not getting them free.

Two days ago I finally received the last 3 books that I was waiting for. When I saw the condition of one of these books, they all came from different sellers, I thought someone had made a mistake! This book looks like it has been in a toy box for several years. Very torn up all around the edges, scribbles on several pages, it's a mess. I'm certain the pictures don't tell the whole story.

I started to leave negative feedback but thought better of it and decided to email first and give them a chance to fix this problem. That was 48 hours ago and I haven't heard a word. I'm pretty surprised that I didn't hear anything at all I guess I shouldn't be. I went back tonight and did leave feedback and I decided to warn any other buyers out there....buyers beware!

As I said, I have bought used books many times and have been very happy until this purchase. I will however, make sure that I check feedback on every seller that I consider buying from. Even if the price is only $5.00.

Would that make you angry or what???


The Bee said...

A little wear & tear is expected but scribbles on the pages is ridiculous if they are calling it "good" quality. Its only fair to give them less than stellar feedback.

By the way - what kind of little kid gets a freakin reading list?!?!

brokenteepee said...

That is not "good" quality that is poor quality and certainly not worth $5.00. You were ripped off.

Anonymous said...

That totally stinks. I paid for good quality. I hope you get some satisfactions.