Smoking Ban

Have you heard this? Someone has decided to introduce legislation to ban smoking in the military. Now, (sigh) I understand that smoking is very unhealthy and awful and evil for I AM A SMOKER. Yes, my secret is out, please don't hate me. I don't disagree with the bans on smoking in public buildings, restaurants, etc. But really, is this a little far reaching? Come on, you have to agree with me that there appear to be some power hungry zealots out there. I mean (step up on to the soapbox) our folks in the military, God Bless you every one, are adults, with the power to make decisions (as we every day folks are incapable of doing, speaking of silly legislation) it's what they have learned to do and what we expect of them.

So load 'em up boys, we're headed onto the battlefield, I'm going to have to check your packs for cigarettes, can't have any of those you know, they aren't good for you!

Please, I beg you, share your opinion on this with all of us.


The Bee said...

This makes me think of the movie "Surviving The Game" with the all-star cast of Ice Tea and Rutger Hauer. In the movie Rutger Hauer and his crew who are tired of hunting for deer and bears decide to recruit a homeless man (Tea) and hunt a human instead. But Ice Tea uses his street smarts and lights a cigarette and leaves it as bait. Meanwhile his ass is halfway back to the cabin! Perhaps the US Military could learn a thing or two from Ice Tea.

Tiffany said...

I am so glad that someone wrote about this.....

I saw this on CNN last week - and could not believe what I'd heard.

I, too, am a smoker. I, too, disagree with the ban in restaurants, bars, etc.... But, I respect non smokers - and I deal with it.

However, to ban cigarette smoking of our men and women in the military.... Who are risking their lives to protect our freedoms... (one of which is the freedom to smoke.... it's legal) ..... It is absolutely absurd.

No, smoking is not good for you... we know this... everyone knows this... But, how can you tell a smoker - whom you are sending off to war - that they cannot smoke? Seriously? These people are addicted.... I am addicted.... Right, Wrong or Indifferent - it is their choice to smoke ... and for a smoker, is an outlet of stress.

Sorry, we're sending you off to a stressful warzone - hand over your smokes - here's a nicotine patch?

That's something they do in mental institutions.... This should not be something that our armed forces should have to contend with.

Thanks for giving me an avenue to vent, this has been bothering me!!!