My Mother In Law

If you live near Baltimore or have visited for any extended time you will understand when I say that my mother in law, and her twin sister, are a couple of Baltimore Hons! Google the term, I'm sure you'll get a hit. I just googled Baltimore Hon and I have this example for you...got it? My in laws live in the Brewers Hill area of the city in a row home with a stained glass transom and a marble stoop out front. The row homes in this area are fairly deep and quite narrow (12 feet wide).

My hubby and I stopped in for a visit on Sunday. His mother recently fell out of bed and cracked a couple of ribs so we wanted to see how she is doing. You walk in to their house and you are in the living room, the dining room is behind that and then the kitchen is on the back end. There is also a basement and second floor bedrooms. My in laws are "of an age" which is the age whereby the tv needs to be on around the clock and the volume on high! Doesn't change just because people come calling. There we were along with Mom, Dad, and Aunt. Uncle was hiding in the basement watching golf. At this point there is a twin bed squeezed into the living room as mil can not navigate the steep stairs for awhile.

My in laws enjoy Atlantic City, often enough that they are comped nicely when they go. They have a favorite spot and have become friendly with the casino's host, Mike. Well Mike has begun performing at the casino and was kind enough to send a DVD of the show. Yep, we were lucky enough to be treated to the show on the new DVD Player. Let me say it was simply endless (that should be in CAPS!) No one was allowed to talk and the lights were all turned down, ambiance? A little Vegas? 30 minutes into the show I grabbed my phone and began frantically texting....everyone! Only time EVER that I couldn't find anyone available for a little distraction. Ok, I've heard worse in bars during karaoke but omg my ears were oozing blood at the end of an hour and a half of the supreme lounge lizard. Mom and Auntie were simply glowing!

I'm getting my halo for that little visit. Hey, great way to punish the kids! Let me know and I'll send you a copy.


The Hubster said...


I thought you were enjoying the DVD that day. My feelings are hurt and I'm telling my M.

The Bee said...

Ha! The new DVD player huh? Fancy!

Lin said...

Oh My Gawd!!! Kill me now! Ugh. You deserve something grand for going along with that messed up entertainment. Hubster--pay up, pally. That is hell my friend. My in-laws have the TV cranked too--we stay at a hotel now. :)

Anonymous said...


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