For The Kids!

Our grandaughter spends a lot of time at our house and we are looking to the future when even more grandchildren are here visiting. We like her to feel happy and comfortable here and to have things around that she, and we, enjoy. We spend lots of time outdoors, gardening, watching the birds as well as feeding them, bike riding, picnicing, etc. Buggy and her Pop really enjoy the birds. We have several feeders and a couple of houses.

I found a website just today that I really like. It is called LOHASRUS which stands for lifestyle of health and sustainablilty. They sell items geared toward children, mostly for outdoor use but some of things are intended for indoors. They have some very fun furniture, kid sized picnic tables, rocking chairs and benches. The company focuses on safety and sustainability so you can feel confident in your purchase. This company is concerned about the world around us.

The furniture pieces come in different colors some with fun, silk screened animals and images on them. I am very partial to the lime green picnic table with the giraffe.

Beyond furniture the company also offers a variety of products that are perfect for encouraging children to explore the outdoors. They have several bird feeders, bird houses and bug houses. All of the items are safe for children. We gave Buggy a bird feeder for her birthday several years ago and it was not easy to find! I didn't want a metal one that she might get hurt on nor one made of glass. I also wanted her to be able to fill it herself and to feel like it was her feeder and her responsibility.

I'll be placing an order with Lohasrus very shortly. I was not only impressed with the products but the prices are very reasonable. Go take a look.