Tuesday Randomness

Random thoughts, yep, I have those and I can share them here whether you read them or not.

This morning I was trolling around the bloggy world and stopped at The Bloggess. In a matter of moments I was laughing out loud and my stomache hurt. This woman is seriously funny and she can write. If you have never read her blog you really need to give it a try!

The other day I walked downstairs after emptying trash cans upstairs. I had 2 little bags of trash in my hand. My hubs was heading out into the garage so I handed him the bags to throw away. He said to me "what's that?". To which I answered....trash. He comes back with "what kind of trash?" Me...just trash. What? Can you see my eyes rolling into the back of my head?

It occurred to me yesterday that the best place to look for a job in this economy is at the unemployment office. Apparently they are busier than one armed paper hangers over there.

We had a cookout over the weekend, all of our kids and the in laws. I had 2 different cakes for dessert a blueberry and a chocolate. I served coffee and asked the in laws what kind of cake they would like. My MIL wanted chocolate so I was cutting that and my FIL said he would like chocolate as well. MIL says "give him the blueberry because I'm going to give him a litte bit of mine". I looked at him and asked what he would like and he, again, says chocolate. She started getting a little red in the face and insisted that I give him blueberry. Well, I gave him blueberry and laughed while I put it in front of him. Me, "I know you don't want this but I have my orders, so eat it and like it".

Speaking of families, I was thinking, You might be a redneck if......nevermind, that's for another day.

Have a great day all.


Pollyanna said...

Men = Clueless

Too funny!

I'd love to have you drop by my place: Life Makes Me Laugh

The Bee said...

OMG - I was silent during that cake exchange but I was thinking the same thing. I just assume leave it alone though, they've been married for a hundred years so something must be working. Clearly he had no idea that he REALLY wanted the blueberry cake.

ANd I gotta tell you I had no desire to eat that crab dip but I thought if I didn't they were gonna stab me or something.

Lin said...

I love the husband/trash conversation. Thank you. I thought ours were the only ridiculous conversations being had by married people. Ugh. Don't you want to kill them sometimes??

LOVE LOVE LOVE The Blogess. She is my blog idol. Really. Where she gets that stuff is way beyond me. I laugh until I cry at most of her posts. Did you see her whole bit about being blocked on Twitter by William Shatner?? Hilarious.