Retro - My Life

Nowadays it seems that nearly every company has a casual dress code which is very convenient. Well, my hubs isn't one of those lucky ones, he wears shirt and tie to work everyday. For years now we have been taking a weekly armload of clothes to our dry cleaner as he likes his shirts crisp and we both hate ironing, this works all around. Two weeks ago when I did the dry cleaning pick up, I had to fork over $25.00! I realized this was an area that needed to be cut, not willingly mind you, but necessary. Ugh!

Last week I picked up a can of spray starch and did my laundry. I set up my ironing board and my new iron (woo hoo!) in the family room in front of the tv. My days are fun filled, little pockets of heaven. As I stood there cursing under my breath I had this sudden urge to watch As The World Turns! Is that still on tv? I had this vision of my mother ironing in the living room watching her "stories" with a sprinkle bottle on the ironing board. Who remembers sprinkle bottles? I'm really showing my age I fear. Anyway, for now, this is a piece of my life. I have reverted to the 1960's.

And yes, that's how I dress ever day at home! No stretch yoga pants and t-shirts on this woman, ha!


Lin said...

Oh, god, I feel your pain! And yes, I remember sprinkle bottles.

I will not resort to paying to having those darned shirts ironed--I just won't. Even if ironing is THE worst job ever--it kills me more to hand over the cashola. So, I drag my ironing board out, squeak it open (I suppose I could oil it, but it would just be less dramatic then), and I iron in front of the tube. I'm okay unless my items number more than a dozen. It is that magical number that I freak out and totally feel overwhelmed.

And it isn't just the hubs dress shirts for work--I have to freaking iron my shirts, shorts, and slacks too to make it all more difficult.

So, if we are bringing back ironing, can we bring back cocktail hour before dinner too??!

Liza said...

I do! Haha That does mean I'm old too?

I hate ironing too, but like you, I had to do it to save. :(

Buggys said...

Oh the things we must do. Maybe we should have cocktail hour while ironing!

The Bee said...

How's the cord working out for ya?

Buggys said...

Cord is working out just fine it's the ironing that sucks! I think I'm getting a little carpal tunnel here

Mommy Kennedy said...

This is why my husband still thinks I don't know how to iron (even after 15 married years)!

Staci said...

LOL. For my family, it was the Young and the Restless. I used to stay at my grandmother's during the day while my mom worked, and my grandmother's housekeeper always did her ironing while watching the Young and the Restless on a little TV in the kitchen nook. She was big on the spray starch, not the sprinkle kind.

I've had a few mishaps with spray starch myself (leaving stains), so I refuse to use it. I also Dryel most of my dry cleaning and try to hang it up fast enough that it won't need ironing.

When I'm not working, it's all about the dryer and a damp wash cloth. I only iron if I have no other choice.