Maryland Science Center

We had a visit to the Maryland Science Center over the July 4th weekend. If you have never been there, the Science Center is in Baltimore City at the Inner Harbor. Great Spot to spend a weekend, there is so much to see and do for families. It's a great tourist spot and there were lots of people there the day we went. The weather was beautiful and it was a great day to be outside walking around.

There is a dinosaur exhibit featured now and we needed to go and see it. My grandaughter, Buggy is totally immersed in the subject of dinosaurs at the age of 5. We took her to visit the Smithsonian Museum Of Natural History back in January and she loved it. This new exhibit is called "Chinosaurs" ..... dinosaurs found in China. So it was something new for us. Of course the Science Center is so much fun for kids because everywhere you turn there are hands on exhibits. We were able to 'dig ' for dinosaur bones like a real paleontologist would with soft paint brushes to clear away the sand and, of course, we had to wear goggles as well. They had a large sand pit and rubber dinosaur feet where the kids could create footprints. At the Chinosaur exhibit entrance they had some full sized animated dinosaur models that were really exciting.

There is so much more to do and learn though, we spent about five hours inside the Science Center that day, including grabbing some lunch in the cafe. Buggy got to lay on a real bed of nails, of course she made Grandmom try it first, she's no fool. We visited the Davis Planetarium, which we enjoyed but it didn't really grab Buggy for more than 10 minutes. As we left the building that afternoon they had an area out front for kids to make giant bubbles!

We walked along the harbor watching people and eating ice cream. Stopped to watch a street performer doing juggling and unicycle riding. Buggy volunteered to be in the show so that was fun . Great Day and a great spot to visit.
Any other great spots to visit in this area?


The Bee said...

The bubbles look fun! What about Port Discovery? I was too old when they built it but I always wondered what it was like inside. Have you been there before?

Buggys said...

No, we haven't been there yet. I'll put it on the must do list. Want to go with us?

Lin said...

Oooh, that looks like a cool place to visit. Looks like it was really geared for the kids!

Todd said...

Glad that you enjoyed your visit to the Maryland Science Center.

It looks like you had a lot of fun with your family.

May we share the link to your blog posting with other fans of the Maryland Science Center via our Twitter or Facebook pages?

Maryland Science Center

Buggys said...


We did have a great time and I would be glad for you to link to this post. Thanks for the interest.