The Making of a Serial Killer

Have you ever wondered how serial killers are formed? Well, I know and there are a bunch of them brewing right next door to me. No kidding!

Let me tell you about my neighbors.  Well, I don't want to judge but.....ok, you tell me what you think. The people who live right next door to us are  a couple in their early 40's. Stay at home mom and they have 4 children between the ages of 6 and 13. The boys are 6, 11 and 13 and the girl is 7. Mom is home schooling the children.

 Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor have a lovely home with a fully fenced, professionally landscaped backyard. It's an oasis with rocks and lighting, a tiny waterfall and a pond. Beautiful. I could count on one hand the amount of times they go out in their yard. I'm including the kids here. In fact they almost never go anywhere aside from the grocery store and no one comes to visit either. When the kids were a little younger, mom used to make them wear bike helmets if they went out back on the brick patio. A couple of years ago we were all out front chatting and one of the kids had a bottle of bubbles. Mom flipped! The bottle was left over from the year before and she thought they had "expired". She grabbed the bottle and poured it out. I think my mouth dropped to my knees! Soap and water FREAKO!

The kids are not allowed to play with other kids, well, at least not with my Buggy girl or the little girl on the other side of them. They are even afraid (restricted) to talk to them across the fence! This has caused some tears and confusion in my house for sure. If Buggy or the other neighbor knocks on the door, they simply won't answer.

I nearly forgot about the dog. They have a little dog that I have only seen once. Maybe a Jack Russellish type. Well, the dog is paper trained (of course) and never, ever is allowed outside! The other day panic broke out next door because the dog ran out into the fenced backyard. They all flew outside to apprehend the scoundrel and corral him back inside. I haven't figured that one out yet. Maybe she's afraid of a flea or tick stowing away on the dog? Sneaky devils.

With all this would you believe that I saw the boys out back yesterday (I know, a kid sighting!) with pop guns shooting at squirrels? What? That's what I'm saying! I'm keeping a close eye out and if I notice fewer cats in the neighborhood suddenly...I'm so outta here!
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