Open Season on Parents


Yesterday I heard on the radio about a criminal complaint filed in Arkansas just last week. Denise New is being accused of harassment by her 16 year old son! Apparently she read his facebook and discovered some things that disturbed her and so she changed his password and shut him down. I nearly ran my car off the road when I heard this. I'm sure there are details that will come out over time but I'm not certain I care about those details. A KID is bringing criminal complaint against his MOM because she read his facebook and found cause to become very upset. A prosecutor agreed to file the charges! WHAT? Read about it here.

What in the world could be next?

Little Billy Sues Parents For Broccoli Torture 

"Your honor she made me eat it. I didn't want to, I just wanted skittles but she said NO! She made me eat the yucky broccoli! She's so mean to me!" Sobs are heard throughout the court room.

"Your honor, my parents destroyed my life. They let me eat skittles and play video games as much as I wanted. I'm fat and sick and don't have a job and it's all their fault! I deserve this $5M in compensation for what they have done to me." 

"Your honor, she took my car keys away. So not fair. That's MY car, she gave it to me for my birthday. I failed History, that does not give her the right to take MY car away!"

The 14 year olds are sexting? Those parents...why didn't they know?

Shooting at a school? Parents fault, they should have know.

Are you concerned? What if this kid wins the law suit? What sort of precedent does that set?
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