My Family - Conversations

I hope your holiday was wonderful and full of good food and family. Mine sure was. The weather was perfect and so we sat outside mostly and nibbled and talked and laughed. You know the silly, food coma induced, conversations? How many times did you hear this yesterday?

Jamie, "I'm so stuffed I feel sick. Ooh, are you going in the house? Bring me back a chocolate egg would you?"

But this?

Jess, "Aunt Don, pass me your lighter please?"

Me, "Ok, but don't put it in your pocket, send it back to me."

Jess, "I just need to light this, do you want me to play Survivor and rub 2 rocks together? Oh my God, I could never play that game, if someone tried to make me poop in a hole in the ground.....that's it, Game Over!"

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