Memories of The Bullfrog Song

I heard a song the other day that instantly brought back a very clear memory. From back in the 1970's when my best friend and I were just about 15. I'm hoping she reads this sometime today and I know it will bring a big smile to her face.

".....the bullfrog jumped from bank to banky, just because he had nothing better for to do...."

Back then, my family went camping nearly every weekend during the summer. Mom, Dad, four daughters plus a couple of extra kids. My parents were beasts, I don't know how they lived through it all. The pop-up camper hitched to the back of the land cruiser station wagon. Oh yeah, off to the deep wilderness, you know, the campgrounds with olympic pools and paddle boats and wild squirrels all about. Our favorite campground was Granite Hills just outside of Gettysburg, PA. It was not far away with plenty to do and we went there often enough that we had made some friends. 

This particular time I believe we were there for at least a week. My Dad was not with us during the week, so it was Mom and the kids (including extras). My friend, Kathy and I were hanging out, no doubt on the lookout for some cool boys. Oh, did we hit the jackpot on this day! Sunshine and halter tops and we were revelling in every bit of our barely 15 year old, hormonal, coolness. On this beautiful sunshiny day we met, nay, attracted us a couple of very cool older guys. They were every bit of 18-19 and, wait, they were musicians! Be still my heart.

They were toting around their accoustic guitars and chewing on their picks. So smooth, so sophisticated, so irresistable. They had made a pilgrimage (to the next town) and met Jim Croce's wife after he passed to pay their respects. Wow! We did the little dance, hey there, hey, your name, blahgitty, blah, blah. All the time our hearts were just a-racing. They had their own car and everything, probably a rusty Ford Fairlane or something but whatever. They sang for us, oh yes. They sang to us, *swoon*. The next afternoon they asked if we wanted to take a ride into Gettysburg to get some beer. OMG! Thinking quickly, looking at one another, we have to go, can't resist this adventure, Mom will NEVER agree to this so I guess....."Of course, we'll go!"
As it turned out, that day being Sunday, all the liquor stores were closed, phew. We weren't drinkers, don't know how we would have handled that. We were gone for quite some time though and, apparently, Mom noticed we were no where to be found. I still don't know how she moved with that much stealth but the instant our feet stepped out of that car she had us by the hair and dragged us back to the campsite. So busted and yeah, soooo worth it. 

She loosened up later and even fed them dinner, the musician thing apparently works pretty well on Moms too! Also very good manners and repeated apologies...Ma'am.

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