Dr. Oz?

I caught Dr. Oz on tv this afternoon for the first time. I have heard his name but wasn't really familiar with his show. Today was ironing day so I set up in front of the television with my spray starch in hand. The three discussion topics today were: sex, fibroids, germs.

First let me mention that I think Dr. Oz is a little too happy. I could imagine him thinking "wow, it's so cool that I have my own show" all the while he's on the stage.

Topic 1: Sex - you and your spouse need to create a "foreplay map" sorry I didn't catch this segment so I can only imagine. *Write a script? * Draw body outlines and do a little connect the dots? Not sure.

Topic 2: Fibroids - Don't jump hastily into hysterectomy but try a diet change first. Tofu and seaweed could replace surgery. Hmmm.

Topic 3: Germs - The germs you carry around on your purse could be making you sick! They actually tested several women's purse contents as well as the outside surface. The germs they found were pretty disgusting and probably something we are all toting around with us daily. * Have you ever put your purse down on the floor of a public toilet? Of course you always try to find a hook or a friend but how about that one time....? * Ever kept a makeup sponge past it's prime, yep, we all have. * A cell phone was tested and found to have bacteria from feces on it (could cause menengitis) this belonged to an elementary teacher. Maybe we should burn the bags!

Last segment of the day Dr. Oz introduced "Stef" a dance instructor. Stef was very limber and enthusiastic and male. The bit was that Stef would demonstrate 4 simple dance moves that would get you in shape. Well, I don't think I would describe these moves as simple, they were complicated and full of pelvic manuevers. Stef was very good with the kicks as well as the pelvic stuff. Dr. Oz though very willing and still happy was not so impressive. You remember the movie title White Men Can't Jump? There you go.


Grampy said...

That is so funny. He use to be one of those news show attending Dr. Ask Dr Oz. I never was impressed with him.

Lin said...

Sounds like Dr. Oz has some strange concepts there. The tofu/seaweed treatment for fibroids is a new one. Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for a magazine, tv advice show or self-help book that actually deals in the reality of us common folk. We're busy, we ain't rich and we just don't have a lot of time for all this "artsy=fartsy, takes more time than we have", solutions to every day problems. And that most assuredly includes Martha Stewart.

Can I get a amen?

Ann said...

I've never heard of Dr. Oz sounds like quite the collection of topics he had there.
White man can't jump....lol that cracked me up

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

I missed it. I was hoping to catch his show out of curiousity.

The purse thing is really gross. Makes me not want to carry one.

Unknown said...

I suck at purses and that was hilarious.