GoodBye To Summer?

I love the freedom of summer. The ease of moving between the outside and indoors. Casual gatherings with simple food, everything just seems easier. Going riding with Buggy on our beach bikes with a basket full of snacks!

Well if you go into any retailer you will know that fall began at least 6 weeks ago and I'm not sure , but I believe they have begun pushing Christmas on us as well! Does it drive you nuts? I can't fight it anymore, I give up and I'm letting go of summer! Happy? I even pulled out my sweatshirts and jeans, it's officially Fall. Well, in my world at least. My birthday was just this weekend which is usually my standard measure for the beginning of the new season.

Buggy and I made a very cute Halloween cookie house over the weekend. Just like a gingerbread house but with a 'haunted' deco style. Lots of candy bats, gumdrops and drippy icing all over it. Plenty of icing and gumdrops inside a certain little girl too!

We went to a party on Saturday that was lots of fun. Probably the last outdoor party until next May. It was a little chilly but no one seemed to mind too much. There was a ton of good food, including several bushels of steamed crabs, a moon bounce for the kids and pumpkins to decorate with stickers and sloppy paint. Fun times all day.


Ann said...

Yes, I've already seen Christmas stuff in the stores and it makes me crazy.
Happy belated birthday to you.
The haunted cookie house is adorable.
Happy Fall 'yall.....lol

Anonymous said...

That's a great looking haunted house. I can't even decorate a cupcake. And Happy Belated birthday.

Maria @ Conversations with Moms said...

I still don't want to let go. I haven't taken out my sweaters and long shirts yet. I only recently stopped wearing my sandals and flip flops because I really had no choice.

I am not looking forward to the boots and coats.

I know what you mean about Christmas decorations. By the time Christmas comes along, I'm fed up of looking at them.

Daisy said...

The haunted Halloween house is so cute! We already got our Halloween costumes last weekend. I can't wait!

Jackie said...

Wow what a cool house and of course Happy Birthday!! Oh I am so sorry I missed it!!

But, I am back and dropping on a regular basis again!!

I hope you had a great day!!

The Bee said...

Happy Birthday! What kind of cake was that anyway?

annallee said...

belated happy birthday!

Frogs in my formula said...

Happy birthday!

That house is awesome. I'm ok with seasonal decor in the stores but the Halloween stuff is on sale already and they've started putting out Thanksgiving stuff. Life goes fast enough without stores fast forwarding holidays!

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Sounds like a good time! Love that gingerbread house! Great job! Did you end up doing the treasure hunt?

Mel_Cole said...

Wow! what fun! I like the colors of that house! Wish I could do one next time when my baby gets older.