Pimps or Ponzi's

It seems we never learn. This is not the sort of post that I normally do but I feel compelled to talk about this subject and get some feedback on what you all are thinking and feeling about the subject. ACORN. Yep, the craziness of it and the reactions as we learn of more and more ugliness. Several recent issues come to my mind in the "we never learn" category:
1. Wasn't there a great deal of concern and requests for investigation for some time about the practices in the financial pit of Wall Street? Fears that we were heading for disaster? Did anyone react? Even listen? No, they had other pressing matters until the poo hit the fan.
2. I believe that this was also true about the ponzi scheme implemented by Bernie Madoff. Hmmm, yes there were repeated requests for investigation but, again, folks were riding high and chose to ignore this downer. That is until....well, you know.
3. ACORN - we heard about the questionable voter registration fraud a year ago, which sounds horrible but does not necessarily equate to voter fraud. This is not the first accusation of voter registration fraud either. They have a laundry list of serious issues on their card as well: embezzlement of nearly $1 million by Wade Rathke's brother (Mr. Rathke resigned from the group's board after covering for his brother's misdeeds), tax arrears, corruption and most recently accusations of aiding and abetting illegal immigration, prostitution, tax evasion and child abuse.

I was shocked by the ACORN employees in the Baltimore video who were suggesting ways to "not get caught" in the child abuse, tax evasion and prostitution scams. Then I watched the video tape from the San Diego office of Acorn and my mouth fell to the floor. This employee was touting herself as a former madam/prostitute and murderer...proudly. I guess you go with your area of expertise.

Maybe you haven't heard but the 2 ACORN employees who were fired in Maryland are now suing the film makers, aka, the pimp and the prostitute. They are being represented by Baltimore attorney Andy Freeman who is also representing ACORN in this lawsuit. Mr. Freeman says that the pair caught on film have suffered extreme emotional distress. He further states that we all have the right to say dumb things in the privacy of our own homes or offices. They are asking for $2 million in compensatory damages (50% for ACORN) and total $3 million in punitive damages. But, of course, it's not about the money it's the principle.

President Obama is staying out of the details of this mud pit. Let's face it, ACORN didn't just start to be a problem In January 2009. They have been around a long time and through several administrations. Barney Frank is trying not to say anything in as many words as possible, the man is going to get dizzy soon. Republicans are using this to point fingers at Democrats. None of which is helping to stop the bleed.

I have heard so many different dollar amounts tossed around. I'm not sure if we will ever be told exactly how much of our tax money has been handed over to ACORN but, I for one, want my money back!


Grampy said...

I feel all the bail out was politics as usual.If we were going to bail them out the government should have taken control of the major of the business.Same thing with the banks. There is one on every corner. Cut back on your operational expenses and we don't have to bail you out.I lost my house. There was no one around trying to bail me out.
It sure does feel good to vent.
Have a good weekend.

The Bee said...

stop listening to so much right wing radio

Jackie said...

Wow Buggsy, this is quite a post!! i try my best to stay out of the political corner.

My first blog was all political and I just got way too stressed.

You did a wonderful write up here though.

I hope you have a great weekend!!

Unknown said...

I think ACORN and the original pillars of what it stands for our a good thing. It's just that when you get these "people" off the street to work for such an organization they bring along all their baggage - corruption, shady backgrounds, ignorance...

This makes it hard to differentiate the fact that it may not be ACORN that's the problem but the retards and rejects working for the organization.

Congrats on stepping into the muck of things! I'm so very proud of you BUGGY

(funny my caption word is HOLITIC)

...is that a shortened version of holy politic?

Maria @ Conversations with Moms said...

I'm Canadian and can tell you that we have our own problems with Corporations and the government too. I think it's a prerequisite to be in politics.

The Bee said...

what's up - no birthday blog?

Betty said...

It not just a few bad employees but the hiring and training by the founders and big wigs in Acorn. They are just like the Senators and representatives in Congress = total corruption. It is always about the money, follow the money, who is getting fat off it.

Acorn is a community organization run by people who are community organizers, Obama said during the campaign that they would be a part of "remaking the US". They are linked to SIEU (strong arm union labor group) and have the same address in numerous states. They are so corrupt it is unbelievable and they are supported by corrupt politicians.

Both parties are to blame and we the people who the politicians are suppose work for need to let them know we want the corruption investigated and these people given jail sentences instead slaps on the wrist.