Just Flippin' Funny

Yesterday while visiting around the bloggy world, I stopped in to visit Grace over at Contrariness. She wrote a post which included a youtube video of Eddie Izzard. Apparently I live in a cave because I have never heard of this hilarious comedian. The guy is fuuuuuny! So this morning I spent, no kidding, an hour watching all that I could find on youtube and just laughed (I have no life). Thank you Grace for introducing Eddie Izzard into my life, it's a better place now.

For some odd reason this brought to mind a vacation experience from several years ago. My husband earned a trip to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas. Cool place, fun experience, very pricey, good thing someone else paid.

I must admit that I am not exactly the outdoor adventure woman sort. I don't relish discomfort. In some situations I can even be called somewhat prissy, I'm not proud of this but this is just you and me so I feel as though I can bare my soul. I must also add that my husband is a truly wonderful man and has the patience of a saint.

Along about mid week we decided to hike down the beach to a little cove that was off the beaten path and try our hand at snorkeling. I like to swim, the water is beautiful and warm. Off we go with a large duffel bag full of snorkeling equipment, masks and flippers and whatnot. We had never done this before so we had to figure out how to put all this stuff together. It was a very hot day and by the time we got to this cove we were dripping. I say this because here's where the prissy part comes in. Hubs starts dumping equipment out on the beach and hands me my flippers. These things weigh alot more than you think. So I'm looking around for a nice spot to sit (a stool would have been perfect) so I can get these gargantuan things on my feet. I hesitated because I didn't want to sit down on the beach and get sand all up my a*s! Is anyone with me here? I tried to stand in the dry sand and lift my foot to put the flipper on, mmmm no, again lift and almost, no. I tried the other foot and clearly this was not happening. Well now it's about 105 degrees, I'm sweating and grunting and not getting anywhere. Hubs at this point has both flippers on (he sat down in the sand but it's not the same at all). He watches me for a couple of minutes before venturing the big question, WTH are you doing? He said it with love in his voice though. "Need a little help over here". He decided it would be easier if I was standing in the water and he would help me put the damn flippers on my feet. You know how when you are at the beach standing with your toes in the water, looking down at the water coming in, going out, you get a little dizzy and disoriented? He was a bit hampered due to the 10 lb, 2 foot long flippers on his own feet. He was bent over double, I was leaning on his back laughing like a crazy woman. I kept tipping over and snatching my foot away, he wasn't seeing the humor in this at all. Finally, when my saintly husband had nearly lost patience we achieved lift off! Flippers, on. Face masks, on. Snorkel tubes, in. Space cadets, dive..dive..dive.

Well at least at this point we can cool off in the water, thank God. Hubs immediately swam directly away from me. So I puttered around, tried out my snorkel, ahhh, oh look a couple of little fish. Oohhh, dead ahead of me now is a blockade of sea grass growing nearly to the surface of the water. No way I'm going into that. Over to my right is a rock barricade, not going over there with the moray eels! I happily stayed at the edge in 2 feet of water saw about 6 fish and a shiny coke can. Done.

It was an experience that was just as ridiculous as it sounds. If only I had a video camera. Come on tell me you've had this kind of silly, embarrassing fun!


Anonymous said...

You're quite welcome! I told you he was a total hoot - funny, funny man.

I lived in the Bahamas for 2 years - wasted on me, I'm not a beach person, or rather not a water person. Atlantis is a trip tho isn't it? Great casino and fabulous aquarium...

Christy said...

Oh my gosh, Eddie Izzard is the bomb!! He's hysterical, intelligent, snarky and actually pretty sexy, too. Glad you liked him!

Rebecca said...

I don't much like sand all up my a*s either. I can visualize your hubby trying to get your flippers on! LOL

One of my most embarrassing moments was when I had made a date with a friend at their house. It was dark and snowing like crazy so I parked my car at the top of their hill and was going to walk down to their house. Unfortunately I had pulled over into a farming field and my car sank...I mean...I was so stuck I couldn't hardly get the door open. Once I did get out of the car I was up to my knee's in mud, lost both of my shoes and had to pay a local station to pull the tires and clean it all out. What a nightmare. I was pretty mad at myself then...pretty funny now. :-)

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

Where are those video cameras when you need them.

Don't feel bad, I've never heard of Eddie either but I'm going to go searching for him on Youtube right now.

Ann said...

Never heard of Eddie whoever it was but I got a chuckle right here reading your story....lol

JT Locke -- The Frugal Housewife said...

Never heard of Eddie WhatsHisName either.

That's a very beautiful picture of the lighthouse on beach.

Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

If it makes you feel any better I pictured it perfectly b/c I would have done the same thing!