Gaming Nerds!

My children I'm talking about. Specifically my daughter and her husband. Some of you may be familiar with her, she is the Bee over at Read The Bee. She and her husband are so freakishly into games that they recently bought a laptop because they were fighting over who got to use the desktop to play games. I guess they couldn't share. The two of them sit in the same room playing the same game on their own computers, either with or against each other, not sure! They also play with my nephew and they talk back and forth. The game they play most often is World Of Warcraft or WOW. But they also own every game system ever invented. They also play card games and board games. They barely have time to go to work! Apparently if they are not actually playing the games then they are discussing gaming strategies on a gaming forum called Rugged Nerds.

What have I created?


Ann said...

They sound like they are really in to their games. My husband plays a lot of games on line but not like that, me I'm just a blog hopper. :)
By the way, thanks for running my ad.