Random Tuesday Thoughts

I have a lot of random in my brain this morning.

Conversation while riding in the car:
"Grandmom can I talk to you?"
"Yes Bug, what would you like to talk about?"
"Grandmom, *sigh* I love you."
"I love you too Bug. You're my best girl."
"You're my best Grandmom."
"Can we go home and make cookies now Grandmom?"
"Yes Bug."

Last week I received a piece of mail from my state unemployment office. It was an announcement about a free training program for anyone who is collecting unemployment benefits. So far, so good. It was a seminar on starting a small business. Our governor who has nearly squashed all small business in the state by taxing us to death is now attempting to promote small business to some of the same people who have been squashed?? Oh, and how does an unemployed person manage to get financing? Brilliant. This governor has a 47% favorable rating in the state overall and a 68% favorable rating amongst his own party.

I have discovered a couple of blogs lately that are just a hoot and I thought I would share them with you. You might be familiar with them already, but if not then give 'em a try. Frogs In My Formula will have you rolling and Southern Fried Momma just makes me laugh out loud!

I'm getting tired of my own company. I need to get out of the house today. Anyone free for lunch?

My daughter informed me yesterday that she and her husband bought their airline tickets to fly over to Amsterdam. They are SPENDING CHRISTMAS IN AMSTERDAM! My SIL is from Holland and his family is all there. It's only fair, they haven't been there for a visit in a couple of years. But one of my children will NOT BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! I'm fine, I'll get through this. *sigh*

Go visit Keely over at The Unmom for more Random Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Sweet conversation -

Veronica Lee said...

Those are great thoughts :)

Lin said...

It's hard to be home, isn't it??

I love that Buggy. :)

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

That's a brilliant idea from the state unemployment office. Really brilliant. *snickers*

I know what you mean about getting out of the house!

Anonymous said...

Look at it from MY viewpoint: Be grateful that you have a daughter who loves you and will be missed. You must have done it ALL right!

Aria said...

Wonderful Random! Great day to you!

Unknown said...

I love Frogs In My Formula, I'll check the other one out! Thanks!

Staci at Just Bloggled said...

Can they take me with them to Amsterdam? I'm really not looking forward to Christmas this year. My mom always organized everything, food, gifts, Santa, people not killing each other. I have a feeling this year it's going to be one big disaster. I'm thinking a trip out of the country might me a good excuse to get out of it.

Does your daughter plan on visiting some time after Christmas or at Thanksgiving? If so, at least you'll get some quality time then.