Grandfather Time

Are you a clock person? I am and so is my husband. I enjoy the beauty and functionality of clocks in my home. I have several free standing clocks decorating various rooms in my home. The one clock I don't have, yet, is a grandfather clock. I have always wanted one and we have actually looked at them at different times, we just haven't bought one yet.
I suppose I find comfort in marking the passage of time and the metronomic sounds of a clock. There are so many different sounds to clocks and I'm not thinking of a cuckoo clock but the beautiful chimes of a grandfather clock. I find those sounds pleasant and comforting.
There are many different styles in clocks. You can get them to enhance nearly any home decorator style including many contemporary style clocks. I have looked at several that I love. I'm wondering if I could convince Santa to bring me this clock for Christmas? Oh, I've been good all year. How beautiful it would look in our home. We have a large, 2-story entry with a large empty wall just waiting for a lovely, chiming clock.
I think I'll need to leave some hints for Santa soon.