Skin Care

Skin care is a very important topic to most women and some men as well. Women spend untold amounts of money on skin care and specifically facial skin care. There are so many products available today as companies vie for your loyalty and your dollars. It's hard to know which products are the best for you.
If you are like me you have a drawer full of bottles and tubes that didn't quite meet your needs. I have very sensitive skin and many products might reduce the look of fine wrinkles but cause a breakout. Of course a healthy diet plays a major part in your skin care regime. We all know that drinking plenty of water is a very important factor as well especially if you have dry skin.
Natural products might be the answer, at least some would prefer that route. I know for myself, I would like to retain a more youthful look without adding to my drawer of castoff products. I would like to find a source that would compare and evaluate the products on the market today. Wouldn't you?


Lee said...

me too! if you find one, let me know!