The Sound Of Music

Our Buggy girl is very musical, loves to dance, to sing and create music. This holds true for most all children. Buggys mother, as well as her Poppy are quite talented singers and I really want to promote any musical talents she has and encourage her as much as possible. At this point a music and movement class is the appropriate avenue for her, I think. Kids can gain so much by stimulation of music and dance. A toddler music program will help to promote early math skills in the patterns of the music. It can unleash their minds and creativity. Any program is going to allow your child a chance to further their social skills by interacting with other children.
Children will also be introduced to different musical instruments and they can explore playing music together. At some point soon I would like to get Buggy started on piano lessons but it's early yet.
I'm looking into a program for Buggy that will allow her to play and have fun, interact with other people, gain an appreciation for all aspects of music and dance. I want to give her every chance to explore a new avenue and express her talents.


Lee said...

We did the Gymboree thing and also a music class. My kids like it, but have no talent for it.